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I was listening to Homestuck Vol. 9 when I had a short burst of inspiration and motivation. I’ve written my interpretation on why Gavin goes Grimdark in RTstuck. Really short, 1038 words. A good bit of swearing. I pretty much wrote this in one fell swoop and didn’t bother to edit it, so don’t judge me too harshly. I might edit this later and make it a proper story, but until then, uh, enjoy! 

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Biggest plot twist in Heir Vs Grimdark: Michael is face to face with Grimdark Gavin. Gavin is about to attack, when a bright light shine within Michael. Gavin steps back and watches Michael turn.

The light goes away as Grimdark Gavin comes face to face with Trickster Michael. Gavin tries to…



Anyway more Grimdark Gavin because why not


So my school got out a few hours early today, about 1pm, and I’ve spent from then til now (8:25pm) playing around on FireAlpaca and figuring out what each tool does and how to use it. I still don’t know the majority of the things, or how to work them, but this is what I’ve produced from my attempts to learn. 

Grimdark!Gavin, RT/AH Stuck. 

I actually sort of like it, since it’s a lot better than what I’ve done in the past from this program (or any program). 


In all honesty I think grimdark!gavin would just be pushed over the edge by all the stress and pressure riding on the new universe and I figure he’d slowly get into this really neurotic frenzied state of mind, like really panicky. Like a cornered animal. Then he’d break down and go grimdark.
As for grimdark behavior, I think he would be slowly calming down, slow speech, spaced breathing, all of that stuff. As if Gavin was coming down from a really bad panic attack.


I didnt like the other trickster michael i did because compared to the homestuck trickster he wanst very


So i also took this oportunety for more grimdark gavin


Grimdark Gavin and Rogue of Heart Ray. “I mean #YOLO right?”

Art (c) Me

track name Radioactive
artist Imagine Dragons
play count 3453


Okay, I’m halfway done, but not sure where to go from here…

I wanted to post what I have so far in case I don’t finish. Enjoy!

Done entirely in GIMP 2.8


I wanted to try to make some pesterlog gifs and this is what the result was. Think of this as a little preview for my Grimdark!Gavin story.


It was originally going to be typing, but this came out pretty cool. Also, I am more than happy how the glitch looks like at the end.

For the non-glitched one, click here: (x)

Also, sorry for how the text looks like. Tumblr did a crap job of resizing it.


Gavin Free: Go Grimdark

Because I have recently become addicted to Grimdark Gavin, and after reading all of Heir vs. Grimdark in one day, I really really really want an update. ;A; It’s so gooooooood.

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