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etathetaandiota whispered: ... What's the Carwash siblings AU? ^^' Or any other AUs one should know upon trying to enter the fandom?


okay so carwash siblings au is basically an au where carolina and wash are siblings like she’s his older sister and it makes some of their freelancer interactions a load cuter but it makes every thing ten times sadder because of how they interact post-freelancer and the stuff when the director orders maine to kill wash is just ugh because that’s his fucking dad ordering him to do that

and the epsilon stuff gets v tragic because epsilon is basically the director who’s wash’s dad so u can guess why that’s sad it’s the memories of wash’s freaking mother that sent him insane

carwash siblings is v important and v sad

and idk about many other aus but the ones i talk about a lot are the harry potter au and the mutants au but that’s about it


The general way Maine deals with Wash annoying him is just to pick him up and walk around with him on his shoulder until Wash passes out because of the blood flowing into his head


Agent Washingtion during and after Project Freelancer 

I’m just gonna put these two on one post so you can see the difference between his youthful spirit and his tortured soul because ya know… all his friends died…


Imagine Theta bugging North on days off to go hang with Wash all the time so he and Wash can skate together down the halls of MoI. Everyone thinks it’s cute and York and South even tried to encourage North to learn how to skate so he could enjoy it too. He gave it a shot and ended up on his back more time then he’d care to remember. Ask South though and she’ll give the exact number ▷


What if Dr. Grey messed with the wires in Wash’s head on purpose? What if Wash insists on Epsilon going to him for five minutes so he can make sure Carolina is safe, cuz who else would best be able to tell when Epsilon’s destabalizing?

What if it’s a trap, forcing Wash into a coma of nightmares…



i lost my mood ring

i dont know how i feel about this ▷


imagine this highschool au:

carolina and wash are brother and sister (half? adopted?? w/e cay (aka: ohgrif) gave me the idea indirectly with their carwash siblings aus). north and south are, obvs, twins. maine, wash and ct are the closest of bros. york and carolina are a…


today a 4 foot tall freshman in an angry birds t shirt pushed me out of the way because he “has an honors class to get to move peasant” 

Anonymous whispered: Docnut: 'i'm pretending to be ur bff bc u looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on u' AU


Look, he’s not even sure the guy’s actually hitting on him, because he hasn’t done much more than loom in his general direction and grunt, but he’s also like, six foot infinity and scary and Doc would really like to be anywhere else right now.

Which is why he is very, very relieved when a strong arm wraps around his shoulders, a Cosmopolitan is shoved into his hand and a voice says “Hey, boo, I got us a table, way, way, way over there, c’mon,” and then he looks up and the guy’s blond and gorgeous and smiling and holy H. E. Double hockey sticks is that a nice smile.

His rescuer takes his arm back as soon as their clear, says “Sorry, you just looked kinda scared, and I thought I’d help you out, unless big and scary is your type—”

"—No!" Doc interrupts, "It’s not. It’s really not. Strong and nice and pretty, though," and here, his rescuer turns that megawatt smile back at him, "that’s totally my type."


A man in a trench coat calls out to you from the alley. “Hey,” he says, looking around before whispering to you. “You wanna buy something illegal?” He opens his coat. Hundreds of Kinder eggs fall out.

It is Easter Sunday and the people are getting desperate.

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